Ultimate Home Care, the NDIS provider in Melbourne, is a dynamic organization that supports 2000 people suffering from disabilities. The organization is registered with the National Disability Insurance Agency to offer Coordination of Support. This would assist in strengthening the capacities of customers for coordinating and implementing support, thus take active part in the community. We have employed over 1000 people in some areas of Victoria and across the whole country. The experts support people in developing their capacities required to be independent and participate actively in society. The service offered by our experts at Ultimate Home Care helps in empowering opportunities for inclusion, choice along with achievements at home by way of education, training and in the workplace. We focus on giving modern, innovative disability care services in Melbourne, Victoria, thus providing self-assurance to all those we serve as the experts realize that each individual’s journey is different.


We provide training to participants and help them develop skills related to day-to-day activities and overall life. It allows individuals to build sufficient capacity to spend their lives on their own. Our organization offers training, either individually or in groups, conducting different activities to enhance communication and problem-solving skills. The trained professionals of Ultimate Home Care also manage the funding of supports. To help customers deal with the challenges of disability, our experts offer a wide range of training and development activities.

All these activities help enrich their knowledge, skills and overall network of support, which in turn build one’s capacity to tackle the challenges of daily life. Apart from these, we would also work with you to upgrade the skills you need to attain your objectives. Our trained experts providing home care services and disability care services in Melbourne come up with different levels of interests and foundations. We dedicate ourselves to helping you unlock your capabilities and match those with your interests.

Our Achievement

When we see the kind of difference the right kind of support can make in a disabled person’s life, it becomes a reason for us to celebrate. Our team of experts celebrate when they see improvement in a person’s health, well-being and active involvement in different social activities. The participants feel that they belong to a place and begin to connect them with their roommates, loved ones and colleagues. They even enrol themselves in courses to become even more skilful at work. Thanks to our disability care services in Melbourne, the participants can write resumes of prospective employees, complete the job interview process, follow up until the goal of getting employment is complete. To guarantee your independence, we can even provide personalized guidance and hence fulfil the requirements of our community. We are constantly building up our services to combine participants with approaches based on evidence.



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